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Physical + Mental Wellbeing
Unfold Digital Corporate is an online membership designed to support the physical and mental wellness of employees through office-friendly cha
ir yoga and stress reduction techniques. It's great for busy professionals who sit behind a computer and need a quick midday refresh, without having to leave their desk or change their clothes. 

Variety + Engagement 
All classes are a mix of mindful movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. 
Classes are 30-minutes long and address common discomforts of office workers such as low back pain, neck / shoulder tightness, anxiety, and fatigue. We live stream our classes and encourage members to schedule them into their work calendar like any other meeting.  If you can't make a live class, no problem. Members receive unlimited access to all class recordings. 

Flexibility + Scalability 
Unfold Digital Corporate is structured to allow for any size office to register as a group membership.  We will work with you to get your members added to your group bundle. You can add new members each month and increase or decrease your bundle size. You only pay for the people in your office who what to join. New members can join at any point and cancel any time. 

Membership Includes

  • Three 30-minute live streamed classes / week.
  • Classes are held at 1:30pm CT on Mondays,  Wednesdays, and Fridays. 
  • Access to all class recordings and content library.
  • Monthly Pop-Up Yoga Class or Wellness Presentation
  • Cancel anytime. 

Group Membership Rates

$20 / member / month

How do I get my company signed up? 

Customized Approach
Every company is different. We do the heavy lifting to streamline your group membership onboarding from start to finish. We'll start with a phone consultation to discuss your specific needs. Contact us at or 773.573.4333 to set up a call. 

Registration + Billing 
We send you a unique registration link that is specific to your group bundle. You simply forward the registration  link to anyone in your company that wishes to become a member. New members can join anytime. We send you one invoice at the end of each month based on that month's membership numbers. Cancel any time. 

After we have registered your group, they will receive directions on how to login to their membership portal to access live streamed classes and recordings. We'll work with you to be sure the process is smooth and members are excited! 

Contact Us To Get Started!   /   773.573.4333

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