Unfold specializes in workplace wellness, onsite and online. 

We founded Unfold  based upon the realization that yoga + meditation helped us to be happier, healthier, and better at our jobs. We have a combined 20 years of experience working demanding jobs in the corporate space. Unlike many yoga teachers, we understand the physical and emotional pressures of an office environment. Despite court hearings, conference calls, and deadlines, we know how to make yoga + meditation work in an office. 

We created Unfold Digital to provide our students with an online option to our most popular classes. Our clients wanted a turnkey membership solution that provided the benefits of live interaction with the convenience of an online offering. Unfold Digital answers the call! 

In addition to Unfold Digital, we offer onsite classes, lunch + learns, and specialty events such as sound meditation and tea tasting.  Check out our other services here

Wellbeing is an inside job - we're here to help. Feel better, work better!

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Katie + Nicole
Co-Founders, Unfold Yoga + Wellness

Unfold Yoga + Wellness LLC
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